Sugarcube CAD

Computer Aided Design and Engineering for MEMS

Sugarcube CAD is an online tool for designing, modeling, simulating, and laying out MEMS. Its low-cost appeals to students, researchers, and startups. The objective is to facilitate a MEMS community of shared designs and compact models. 

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The tool uses parameterized compact models to facilitate design exploration. Unique attributes include: online Web usage via a laptop, tablet, or cell phone; novice-friendly user interface; bounded parameter sliders; growing library of ready-made systems; N-dimensional simulations; single-click combinatorial layout arrays; minimization of performance variation due to process variation; compact models of carbon nanotubes (CNT); evolutionary design optimization using genetic algorithms and programming; etc.

Compact models assembled into a system

Example of a microdevice where its design space is easily explored and optimized by its parameterized compact models. The models include cosine-shaped flexures, perforated beams, electrostatic comb drive with 1000 electrodes, torsional mechanisms, recessed diaphragm, etc.